• Referrals are amazing! Referrals means you took the time to go and share your session experience with someone else; enough to help them come to me, and I appreciate that! As a matter of a fact, it’s so appreciated, that for every client you refer, you will receive a $12.50 print credit towards a future session. If you refer 4 clients within a year, you will receive a complimentary portrait session in addition to the $50 print credit!


  • Bring in a flashdrive to use instead of a CD/DVD and save $10.00!
    *Sorry, you can't bring in your own CDs. Make sure that your flashdrive is COMPLETELY EMPTY!!!!! It will be WIPED CLEAN upon arrival, before any photos are loaded onto it. Not responsible for important data erased during this process!!!!!!
  • Graduating High School & College Seniors get a 15% discount!!
    *All seniors must bring in PROOF. No proof, no pictures. This best way to handle this is to ask your school print you out a FREE, UNOFFICIAL COPY of YOUR TRANSCRIPT. Your transcript will include your D.O.B, your school info, etc. Bring it with you!!!!
  • Senior Citizens get a 10% Discount with ID!
  • Active Military & Vets get 15% with ID!
    *Person in military MUST be present AND be the one PAYING. Not their husband/wife/son/mother. No exceptions.