Rita Baker Productions | About

They call me Rita Baker.

I was born and raised in East Texas, in May of 1990, in the small town of Tatum, Texas. For as long as I can remember, having a camera in my hands has always been one of my favorite things. The idea that moments can be capture at the click of a shutter was mind blowing. When I was little I used to take my dads 35mm camera and waste all of his film. He didn't mind, he'd always just buy me more. I think he could tell how much I loved photography; he could tell how I much I loved playing with composition and angles. It was he who got me into what would become my passion.

As I grew older, my love for photography expanded, and I also fell in love with filmmaking. It started with silly short films in high school, then screenplays, and live theatre---until I found myself at Prescott College, in Northern Arizona studying Film, Theatre, and Photography. While I was there I got to study so much of what I love. We focused on traditional darkroom photography, and new digital techniques, in addition to alternative processes such as Calotype and Cyanotype, and Salt print photography. With so many mediums in photography alone, I was basically in heaven. I found that Portraiture and Creative photography were two of my favorite types of photography, however, I also ventured into Event, Engagement & Wedding photography, Graduation & Quinceañeras, Fine Art, and Landscaping, Documentary, and Commercial for local and big businesses. 

Along with studying Photography, I also doubled majored in Film and Theatre, focusing on Directing and Cinematography. I've written and directed various short films and stage plays, and also shot a handful of original short films, as well as an original feature length film.

Today, I worked based out of San Antonio under my company, Rita Baker Productions. I envelope too many mediums to simply do photo work--which is why I've created a production company. With me you won't find yourself doing the typical, staged poses. I won't sell you an overpriced package with three photos. What I do quality photography, and cinematography that excels. From portrait photography to event, wedding, baptism, birthday, quinceañeras--I can get you what you need, whether it's photography, video, or both.

My sessions are focused on you, they are private so you won't have another client rushing you, and they are relaxed. They're all about YOU and making sure you have a great time. If I've done my job right, you won't even feel like you're in a "session."  I absolutely love meeting new meeting clients and seeing their faces after a shoot. There is nothing like seeing someone see a photo of themselves and actually smiling---enjoying it. As humans, society conditions is to often be displeased with who we are and how we look and I love capturing beauty and excitement through my lenses. I understand that photography is so much more than clicking the shutter button. It's about capturing those fleeting moments we can't get back. It's about composing the best photo when you have to, and freezing the perfect moment when it's candid. I'm interested in getting you what you want and created photography that you are proud to own. 

Did you think that was it?

At Rita Baker Productions, you'll have the opportunity to choose your own location, or have an in studio sessions with the backgrounds of your choice. I also offer photo editing, and photo printing through a third party lab!

Need both Photography AND video? I can help you! As a graduate with a BFA In Film, Theater, and photography, your options are never limited. Experience as director of photography for various short films, including one feature length film ensures that the moment when you glide down the isle or execute that move perfectly, that it is captured with cinema-esque quality.

The best part of Rita Baker Productions is the variety in client and service requests. I love being challenged with new projects, but my specialty is photography and video services. Rita Baker Productions wants to help you preserve those special moments and provide you with photography that expresses who you are.

- RB